Bonnie Lee Bouman | About BLBC
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About BLBC

BLBC has 3 spacious studios in Randburg – each studio is equipped with a top of the range Panasonic Full HD HC-MDH2 Camera along with lapel radio microphones for enhanced sound. All footage is timeously edited and uploaded to a website or FTP host of your choice (We can also deliver footage on USB) and accompanied with a fully comprehensive casting list. The attention to DETAIL is what makes BLBC a great casting choice.


We have over 5 years of archival footage that we constantly access in our research process when we start a project which also means we are very willing to assist you if you need footage for pitching purposes. We have a large boardroom table attached to the callback space in Studio 2 should the producers, agency or clients wish to participate. It’s a creative and relaxed space to work in.


WE WILL WORK WITH ANY TYPE OF BUDGET – We have discovered creative ways to do this. So don’t hesitate to ask. Let’s chat!