SA Talent Shines Bright

8th November, 2017 SOURCE: The Callsheet

SA Talent Shines Bright

SA Talent Shines Bright

Despite a tumultuous year with a host of issues facing the talent industry, SA talent has shone and held their own amongst their peers across the world. Kim Crowie reports.

There truly is nothing like a well-delivered line of dialogue – and this from someone who’s never performed a day in her life! We all have an inkling of what good (or bad) acting looks like, and whether we can pinpoint the exact reason for a scene working or not, we always get that goose-bump-like feeling when our favourite actor has an incredible performance.

South Africa’s talent industry has grown immensely in the last few years, with more and more actors and models making a name for themselves internationally and locally either through films and commercials shot on location in our beautiful country, or by trying their luck overseas. Here’s a look at what’s really happening behind the scenes, and where the local talent industry is headed in its next season.

Industry Update

Most model agencies have reported a busy 2017 with a host of productions ranging from commercial to big budget. ICE Genetics, for instance, has spent much of their time “honing and developing” their boards, as well as building their client base by marketing extensively in Europe in order to bring clients to Cape Town’s shores. “Agencies should endeavour to focus on quality and not quantity, so that castings are filled with professionally trained and developed models and talent and not mediocre masses,” says Donne le Grange, “If we raise the bar in this regard collectively and as an industry, we will have clients returning to our shores every season not just for our locations, but our impressive talent.”

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