The Casting Director and You

9th June, 2015 SOURCE: The Callsheet

I had such fun asking Bonnie Lee Bouman, Casting Director, absolutely every question I could think of about the casting process for commercials, tv and film. It was clear that there was a lot more to talk about but it was a great start to understanding exactly how you, the actor and the casting director, fit in the process of getting work.

Things we covered included the importance of knowing yourself and how you ‘read’ on camera; understanding the medium you’re auditioning for; the importance of working on accents, and which ones to stay abreast of; why you DIDN’T get that audition you nailed; the ethics of casting director as agent; the importance of the aesthetic – looking after yourself and your physique and what you need to focus on if you want to be the ‘leading man’.

“In SA we have a physique problem. If men want to play a ‘leading man’ you have to know what that comes with.
In order to compete with internationals you have to be in tip-top shape; watch your diet; your skin.
You are in an aesthetic world. Physique is one of the most important things – how you look, how you present yourself. You’ve got to be honest with yourself about what this means to you.”

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