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Welcome to Bonnie Lee Bouman Casting Director

We find the talent you WANT from professional actors, beautiful models to real characters!

What our studios offer.

  • 2 studios in Johannesburg and 1 in Cape Town
  • Excellent Lighting
  • Panasonic Full HD cameras
  • Sony lapel mic’s or Rifle mic’s

WE WILL WORK WITH ANY TYPE OF BUDGET – We have discovered creative ways to do this. So don’t hesitate to ask. Let’s chat!

  • Edited footage sent via your preferred method of viewing (i.e. Dropbox,, Wetransfer or an FTP site)

You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be

We are only on this spinning ball of liquid and rock for so long... SO MAKE IT COUNT!

BLBC has 2 spacious studios in Johannesburg and 1 studio in Cape Town – each studio is equipped with a top of the range Panasonic Full HD HC-MDH2 Camera along with lapel radio microphones for enhanced sound. All footage is timeously edited and uploaded to a website or FTP host of your choice (We can also deliver footage on USB) and accompanied with a fully comprehensive casting list. The attention to DETAIL is what makes BLBC a great casting choice.

BLBC is a creative and relaxed space to work in.


  • Shane Vorster

    " Bonnie Lee Bouman Casting is an pleasure to work with. Bonnie herself has been instrumental in making our job easier – she recommended we use an online booking system that has literally changed the game for us! Our artists enjoy attending her castings and we appreciate the value of auditions she brings to the agency. Thank you Bonnie! From X-Factor Team. "

    Shane Vorster - X-Factor
  • Carlynn de Waal-Smit

    " Bonnie is a generous casting director who goes above and beyond the casting room to assist talent to be the best they can be so that she does justice to each project. Her passion for her work and this industry is tangible. Thank you for dedication Bonnie, it does not go unnoticed "

    Carlynn de Waal-Smit - Actors Agent
  • John Putch

    " I had the distinct pleasure to work with Bonnie Lee Bouman on the NBC mini-series “Poseidon Adventure.” Within 5 minutes of the first audition I knew I was working with an artist. Bonnie’s approach to the simple mechanics of the session was even unique. The actors responded, I responded and the usually ordinary manner in which the parts were cast became inspiring. She shot the audition like you would if you were shooting the film. I for one, am a big fan of this and of Bonnie because of it. Bonnie produced for me the best actors that SA had to offer and her eye for talent was impressive. She had a clear understanding of the script and characters and her take on it was superb. Please contact me should you need any more comments about Bonnie. I have nothing but a truckload full....all good! "

    John Putch. LA Feature Film Director. - The Poseidon Adventure.
  • Feroz Khan

    " It has been one of those rare professional relationships that you Recall with fond memories, respect and admiration. Bonnie Bouman is one such professional who has made a significant Contribution as the south African casting director in the making of The film 'Gandhi my father".. Her understanding of the medium, attention to character, Details, rigorous pursuit of excellence led to some brilliant casting. However, what struck me personally was her humanity in the most trying Circumstances. Crisscrossing actors across two continents over a Period of time, meeting impossible deadlines and bridging huge cultural Gaps, has earned her all round praise and as an actor she was a revelation. Simply natural. "

    Feroz Khan. Mumbai/London Feature Film Director. - Gandhi, my Father.
  • Gilles de Maistre

    " I had the chance to work with Bonnie and I have to say that beyond the great human relationship (nice, fun, kind person) we have developed… I was delighted with her listening, her talent, her intelligence, her understanding and her perseverance in work. Our movie was a great challenge but she accepted the challenge, organized everything perfectly, found the “jewels” of actors and completed our complicated casting in good humour and perfect timing. Thank you Bonnie! "

    Gilles de Maistre. Director. - The Child and the White Lion.
  • Lee-Ann Cotton

    " Bonnie is the kind of casting director who gives her all, her work is her passion, she will search for your character until you’re 100% happy, always on standby, always accessible. No matter how many projects she’s juggling, you feel as if yours is the only one and most important one. Bonnie supports her projects right to the end of filming and beyond the beginning of its cinematic life and is equally passionate about them all. "

    Lee-Ann Cotton. - Zen-HQ Producer/Documentary maker.
  • Clare van Zyl

    " We Monkeys love working with Bonnie! She is imaginative, a lateral thinker and a perfectionist too. "

    Clare van Zyl. Executive Producer: Monkey Films CT. - TVC Commerical Service Work.
  • Roel Reine

    " Refreshing and inspiring, casting with Bonnie. I cannot do a movie in South Africa without her help and input. "

    Roel Reine. LA Feature Film Director. - Death Race 2, Death Race 3, Seal Team 8.
  • Chris Roland

    " When the decision is left up to me, I first and only choose Bonnie for casting. Not only do I trust her, I rely on her. And, of course, there is the bonus of working with someone who is genuine and whom I genuinely like! "

    Chris Roland. Producer/Director: Zen HQ Films. - Attack on Darfur, Bordering on Bad Behaviour, Die Windpomp, Dias Santana.
  • Kim Geldenhuys

    " I've had the privilege and pleasure of working with Bonnie on many varied and challenging projects. What I love about the process is her consistent ability to help me as a director find the “nugget" in the performance. She's tough, a straight shooter, goes the extra mile and always delivers. "

    Kim Geldenhuys. Director. - Commercials.
  • Martin Schneider

    " As anyone who works in film knows we hear the same, true words from our Client¹s on every job. Performance/Casting is everything. And it is. But how do you find the perfect person for the role, in the now, one day of casting you have due to timelines being squashed? You call Bonnie. Bonnie has an innate understanding of the industry, how it works & the pressures involved for all. Over about that she understands what good performance is. I find working with Bonnie has made casting an area that I can almost forget about¹. There is never a problem & always a can-do attitude. Even with limited time & money Bonnie will take on the project with a smile & always deliver. "

    Martin Schneider. Egg Films. - Commercials.
  • Meryl Schutte

    " Bonnie enthuses directors and cast with her thoughtful observations and interpretation of roles. She delivers with an ardent focus combined with real insight, knowledge of the craft of performance, and an indomitable spirit. "

    Meryl Schutte. Head of Production: Film Afrika. - Hector and the Search for Happiness, Dominion Season 2, The Child and the White Lion.

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